Planets Water

Closed for business for now!


Regretfully, we had to suspend our operations because of one of our own Sales team manager's rouge sales ethics resulting to transfer of funds and delivery issues to our existing customers' claims


Fortunately, we were in the process of merging with a world-wide brand to serve you with our latest products for a cheaper and better support.


Please contact your bank/lawyer for a legal assistance for refunds and send any transaction details for our team to get reimbursed within the 60 days - no claims later than 1 September 2015*

- We have seen a few new websites started in the last few days using PLANETSWATER DOT / co / uk / th / /net/ asia / sg / eu / or any extension and would like to warn any one to check those website's authenticity by sending an email to our There are so many copy websites BUT only One brand for Air to Water Generators or AWG is genuinely branded as Planetswater.COM.

- All our known customers will be contacted directly by our Legal Team.

- We will file any order payments (as a new case) over 700 USD to International Claims Task Force and will follow their instructions to get you paid back with our insurance companies' support.

- All the existing orders are under investigation of our Board, Legal team as well as our new investors and will be confirmed within 15 working days by an email sent from

Please contact us at address for your further enquiries and keep updated on our website for your further enquiries.

* Any paid orders over 9999.00 USD will be reported and must follow through inspection of related Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Task forces for each customer transaction and recipient.

∴ - Therefore Planetswater declares of no knowledge or confirmation of funds that has been transferred to the reported individual's bank accounts or of their own claim to be working for (existing or past) Planetswater and accepts no responsibility of those transactions, manufacturing, delivery or any guarantee.


We, still as a team are working with the authorities to fulfill the rightful owners' of any claims to meet the orders and to serve the Planet for the need of survival - WATER.

The Board :/

updated: 2:57 AM - 5 Aug 2015 - Shanghai, China